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A Secret Hack for Enjoying Life’s Freedoms

In this post, I discuss the freedoms Gen Xers want NOW but haven’t achieved yet. Generation X is a hard-working generation, and we don’t always like waiting for the things we want in life. So, this post is all about how to live a more gratifying life NOW, rather than waiting another 10 or 20 years until you retire.

The Freedoms Gen Xers Want NOW

Gen Xers crave 3 freedoms: financial freedom, career freedom, and the freedom to travel. This list is not exhaustive, but I think it identifies common Gen Xers' desires.

Financial freedom is different for everyone. For some, it means not being held hostage by debt. For others, it’s having enough financial stability to feel prepared for the future. But your idea of financial freedom may different.

Perhaps you want a level of financial freedom that allows you to work part-time instead of holding a full-time position. Or maybe it’s having enough money to sustain the lifestyle you desire. Whatever the case, the goal is to get clear about your definition, so you can create a plan to achieve the type of financial freedom you desire.

Career freedom involves the ability to work when you want, where you want, and do what you love. I ignored this for a long time in my professional life. While I enjoyed my career in academia, I didn’t have the ability to work when I wanted. Usually, I had to work an 11 or 16-week term before I could take time off. Even working remotely during my last couple of years at the university, left me feeling constrained.

Starting my own business was aligned with my idea of career freedom. It placed me in the position to meet people I wouldn’t meet in an academic setting and to do work that respective to my core values and beliefs. But do you know if you have career freedom? The answer is contextual because it means something different for everyone.

Here are a few signs that your career may not be providing as much freedom as you want.

*You resent the work you do