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What’s the Secret Ingredient for Making a Lifestyle Transition?

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

In this post, I explain how Gen Xers can use the Think-Feel-Act Model (TFAM) to transition to a new style of life without having to wait for retirement. Using my signature coaching framework, I teach Gen Xers to apply TFAM to their thought work practice. Thought work helps Gen Xers identify the faulty thought patterns that block their mental shift. The goal of thought work is to reframe your mindset from dysfunctional beliefs to practical ones.

Once you understand how the model works, you’ll use it as your GPS navigator to a different lifestyle. Here, I explain each of the model’s factors more deeply and show you how to increase awareness of the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors keeping you stuck. A benefit of the model is that you’ll develop the ability to stay focused on your goals while avoiding sabotaging your motivation and self-confidence.

So what is TFAM?